IMG_3027    Salvestrin

Salvestrin 2007 ‘Three D’ Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is tasting excellent right now! If you can get your hands on a bottle (or two) it is definitely worth it! This heavy hitter, BIG, powerful, masculine wine has had time to mellow its tannins and has turned into a fantastic food wine.

Tasting Notes

*Straight out of the bottle: This wine was proving to still be extremely tight and needed some time to open up in the decanter.

*Decant (for about an hour): The wine opened up quite a bit in this short amount of time. A flavor profile of oak, leather, anise, and bright cherries hit the palate, with a nice lingering that stuck with us after each sip.

*Decant (for two hours): The wine continued to open up and provide more complexities that weren’t present in the beginning of this adventure. Flavors such as bright red fruit and oak continued, while new flavors of mint came into the scene and flavors of espresso and hints of mocha lingered on the palate.


Rating: 97

Handicap ($125): 95

This is a fantastic, special occasion wine to enjoy now or hold onto for enjoyment through the next couple years!